Playing with the retail market

This article continues the series of the articles devoted to my hobby game and this time I will briefly describe how I am planning to build the player experience related to one of the most frequent game cases – surveying the retail market.

My retail market uses more or less evolutionary approach, where solutions try to survive in the harsh conditions of the market and end consumers is the driving force, which makes the solutions change and adapt. To put it simply, the solution remains in the market as long as customers are interested in it. As soon as customers change their priorities they stop using older solutions and favor the ones that are better adapted to the new trends. In order to remain in the market, the business will have to either evolve and develop the solution so it acquires proper features of user’s interest, or pull out.

The question is what are the features the customers are after nowadays. The only way to know is to reach out to the customers and ask somehow. This is what the marketing function of the business will be supposed to do.

The marketing will convert business’es money into useful market data. It will come in comprehensible charts which will disclose the predilections of customers to different solutions already present in the market. A pie chart fits this case best.

Another useful piece of data would be a chart, that helps to understand if a particular feature of a solution is popular with a big market segment. Each of the known market segment will put a corresponding bar on the chart, giving an idea of what features a solution needs to have to appeal to many market segments. Sounds like a job for a histogram with multiple data series.

As the the games develops I will add more types of data available for collection and analysis, but one thing seems rock solid now. The bigger the funding the marketing gets – the more useful, accurate and reliable the results of the market surveys are.

Just some food for thought for now, selling acquired data to other players can be nice to have. Some players might build their businesses around obtaining the data and getting profit out of other players who would consider cutting business costs.





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