Sunday night reflections, p.1

This article article is casually devoted to my hobby game. I am still trying to define the minimal scope of features the game will have and set it as my initial vision. The importance of understanding the desired result of one’s work goes without saying. Writing stuff down helps to get a head around the matter really much. So, let me begin.

Every game is a puzzle. The player has a goal, certain means to achieve it and obstacles on the way to the goal. Those are the rules of the game. If the player gets there the player wins, otherwise loses. In multiplayer games the means to affect the game state are distributed among many players. Chess for example. Two players, and clear rules to follow. But anyway, in every game there are key components that support the following.


  1. Get a read of the state of the game, for the player to evaluate the current situation.
  2. Submit player commands into the game.
  3. Process players’ commands and apply the changes to the game state.

I keep thinking about these fundamentals when I try to define the rules of my game. The goal of the game will be becoming as rich as possible. In order to do that the player will have to invest into businesses, wither own or 3rd party. The business will be successful if it spends less money than it generates. To tip the earn/spend balance into the desired direction the player will have to make decisions on how the would the worthy business model look.

The player will have the following problems to solve:

  • Discover the potential demand in the market
  • Pick a solution to cover the demand, be it a product or a service
  • Adopt the technologies required to support the solution
  • Define the structure of the business
  • Assign responsibilities between the parts of the business
  • Set up the logistics to supply the business with all required resources and distribute the solution in the market

The problems must be easy enough to solve to match big audiences of players and hard enough to solve to keep the players interested at the same time.

Besides that the game must have enough different options to be manifold, but not too many to confuse, overload and eventually repel players.

to be continued…


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