My hobby

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post I devote my spare time to driving my own software project forward. Here I will give you some idea what it is about.


I am working on a massive online multiplayer economical simulation. The goal of this game will be to maximize the profits of your participation in the open market. The users will get an initial package of in-game resources and they will want to invest them properly according to the present market situation. To do so they will have to investigate the market, stay on top of the news to foresee trends, solve challenges of arranging their own business systems ranging from small private companies to huge corporations, and many many more. More ideas keep coming to my mind, but I will start with something very small and simple to begin with. This is the only way to win a battle against the time.


So many things to mention here… But I promise to keep it short!

I’ve loved playing games since ever. My favorite genre now is the Grand Strategy where you are responsible for running huge complex systems, you see them change and evolve and become better under your control.

To deliver an economical simulation I will need to dive very deep into the economical knowledge domain and this is what I want to do, because I am eager to learn how our world works in general and who runs it and how.

This is an outstanding exercise in software engineering. I am trying to adopt the current best practices of doing common tasks that everybody does and also to discover elegant solutions to my exclusive problems that my project faces.

Why not

Why not trying the Enterprise sphere, why go to the entertainment? While The Enterprise Software market is huge it still has its limits. On the other hand the entertainment market is “bottomless” if you look into it carefully. There are so many examples out in the wild.

Why not make a simple game fast rather than build a complicated simulation that might repel users and never get popular. A good question. The simple answer is this: I want to challenge myself, improve and learn. I’ve chosen a theme that keeps me want to go on. Besides that every once in a while I share the idea of the game with people and they give positive feedback, they say “I would’ve played that”.


I am planning to have it implemented as a back-end system, that exposes public API and web interface that uses the API. It will provide decoupling good enough to extend to native mobile clients with close to no refactoring. The back-end system will be containerized into Docker and will run on .NET Core stack (ASP.NET Core MVC, WebAPI, etc.). Of course, first comes first and my game will be a small “proof of concept” in the beginning. Then, if the audience likes it, the game will grow. I am really looking forward to it.


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