Hello world

I’ve been in software engineering for quite a while now and I’ve seen lots of people doing a great job bringing good quality products and services to those in need. It’s been a pleasure to see customers enjoy consuming something that you put a bit your soul into. This feeling means a lot.

But it is not only the result of the software engineering that drives me happy, the whole process of building things putting bits and pieces altogether is what I really enjoy. My hobby organically grew on me from my main occupation. I really like coding impressive stuff after work for my own amusement. However, no single thing brings any use if there is nobody to use it. This rule is general and it applies literally to everything, so if you want people to appreciate your work or ideas, go share it.

That is right, I want this blog to become the place were people see what I do and give feedback. The feedback is important. The constructive feedback is critical. Nobody can neglect the importance of feedback for doing the right thing.


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